Friday, September 30, 2011

My child IS happy

My child IS happy

Raising a happy child doesn't have to be difficult, even with a busy life.  I'm a mom of three children, and I can say, my children are happy.  

Yes, my children have had their moments of yelling, screaming, talking back, slamming doors, and had complete meltdowns.  This is all very normal and a part of growing up.  In fact, I'd be very worried if my children never had any of those episodes.  Ultimately it's how you as a parent interacts with your child on a daily bases.  Children do not think like adults, they do not have the life experiences of an adult, so it's up to you to teach and direct your children the right way.

You will make mistakes along the way and that's okay because nobody's perfect.  My children range from the ages of 21, 20, and 9.  I still make mistakes because each child is different.

Raising a happy child doesn't mean you have to move mountains.  It's all very simple.  

Being a great listener reaps a lot of benefits.  It lets your child know you think they are worth listening too and that ranks very high in a child's mind.  

I like to pass by my child and give them a hug, or a pat on the head or poke my head in their bedroom to see what they are doing and tell them I love them.  

If my child is having a bad moment, I try to be calm but stern.  Explaining to my child what I disagree on and why I disagree.  Explanations go along way as this will help your child to understand your reasoning's.  

It's the small loving things you can do to make your child feel loved and valued.  

What ever you do, give your child chores, this helps in making them feel loved and happy.  They may not feel that at the time, but, you can explain to them, a little work never hurt anybody, and you will thank me latter, tell them this with a smile.  

Lead by example.  Don't expect something from your child if you cant' carry out the same request.


These are just the many traits a parent should try to carry out when raising a child.  Once you recognize a mistake you have made, apologize and correct it.  This also teaches your child honesty and the importance of taking responsibility.

There are many resources to read up on, and I have listed a few below that I think are very good.  Please leave your comment and any advice it is very welcomed.

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